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Literally and figuratively ([personal profile] pyrasaur) wrote in [community profile] aceattorney2011-03-14 03:14 am

Revamp of a Phoenix Wright epicfic

Hey, Ace Attorney fans! I see my fanfic To Each A Tempo has already been mentioned in this com, so I thought I'd inform you folks about its update.

Originally completed in April 2008, To Each A Tempo is an epic-length crossover casefic where Phoenix Wright defends an Elite Beat Agent from a murder charge. That project helped my writing in ways I couldn't have imagined. So now that my original fantasy novel is available to the public, I went ahead and cleaned Tempo up! The full story has been edited for style, clarity and formatting. Here's to you, fandom.

You can find Tempo version 2.0 (along with my other AA fanfic) on Archive Of Our Own and It's also going up onto my Dreamwidth fanfic tag in batches. The first version of Tempo remains on my Dreamwidth and on Insanejournal, in case you want to see the original version, its context and its spinoff fics.

(I've mentioned this in other coms. Sorry if I'm spamming anyone.)

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