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I lied but home issues say I have a good excuse. Sorry. :(

New Contributions

Tsune ni ite, kyuu ni awasu (8/?); Athena/Simon; Japanese sword play lessons; incomplete
response to:

一个色狼 (yī gè sèláng) (2/?); Were-Lang, Pess, and Miles; incomplete
response to:

Penguins... PENGUINS!; Simon, Fulbright Simon fanboys penguins. You have no idea how hard Simon fanboys penguins.; complete
Response to:

Earth Men are Easy (1/?); Gumshoe/Gant; Intriguing Prelude to Tentacle Porn; incomplete
Response to:

New Requests

Fuck or Die Scenario:
I remember a while back there was a fic were Phoenix and Miles had been kidnapped by Gant and Miles was "forced" to "rape" Phoenix in order to win their freedom; the twist was that Phoenix and Miles were already in a relationship; they essentially trolled Gant, got free, and later gloated about it through the prison visitation glass.

I want to see the Klapollo version of this, except that they aren't in a relationship/ only UST between them- Kristoph captures them and forces his protege to fuck Klavier for Kristoph's amusement. Over the course of their captivity Apollo and Klavier find lover, and take comfort in eachothers arms (maybe some consensual sex too)

Tentacle Porn:
Specifically, Gumshoe/Gant tentacle porn.
There have been a very specific set of events that have happened over the course of two hours prior to this anon writing this request but now I need it like burning. Special ultra bonus points if it's Gumshoe/Gant with Gumshoe topping and you will win over my heart entirely if it's that pairing, or any character having tentacles with another character, but I really don't care and could go for any sort of tentacle porn. Also bonus points but not as many if it's Gant at all because Gant. Gant is great.

But, anyway. Yeah. Single character, more than one character, who knows. Go hog wild I just need some tentacles up in here. Let's go let's do this.

This is the first request I have ever made on a kink meme and as I write this it is 4:30 in the morning. Hello, Phoenix Wright kink meme, I am coming into your fandom 15 minutes late with tentacles.

Fat Diego:
Fat Diego. Big, suave, confident.

Like Mother, Like Daughter:
Mother's Day is tomorrow and I find myself reminded of my own mother who passed away a few months ago. So I would quite like to see a ficlet with a character being motherly towards another character.

It can be a real mother/daughter like Misty and her daughters or, and this would be really great, someone like Maya being motherly towards Trucy (and Pearl). After all Trucy is a lot like Maya and Maya is the only truly significant female in Phoenix's life.

He must have gone to her for guidance of girlie issues over the years.

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