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lucy is made of light breezes. ([personal profile] fleeting) wrote in [community profile] aceattorney2014-08-25 02:22 pm

104 icons, 9 plurk icons.

Ace Attorney (Various)
1 each of Godot, Gumshoe, Iris Fey, Simon Blackquill
2 each of Athena Cykes, Dahlia Hawthorne
3 each of Ema Skye, Franziska von Karma
4 Phoenix Wright
7 Miles Edgeworth
8 Maya Fey
12 Trucy Wright
49 Pearl Fey
9 Group
9 Plurk (Maya, Pearl, Trucy)
Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2

DANGAN RONPA SPOILERS IN ICONS FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites

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