Hi! I'm Jen, and I'll be adminning this place. I'd like to keep it a pretty open community, where we can all discuss the games we love so much. In that spirit, I'll be updating the community rules shortly, but here they are for open discussion:

1.) Fic, art, music, discussion, and speculation are all open, welcome, and encouraged.

2.) As for the above: please keep large images under a cut, and please make use of the members-only and adult content settings for anything NC-17.

3.) RP advertisements are also okay, whether they be panfandom or single fandom - but please don't spam the community with them. Also, all RP ads with images should go under a cut.

4.) Be courteous. :)

5.) Have fun!

Also, on another note: I am looking for a co-admin. Please feel free to message me or comment here if you're interested.

Thanks, guys!

ETA: Please welcome [personal profile] miang on board as co-admin. :)

Also, regarding the kink meme: reposting or linking to any fills is fine, but please keep the discussion and other things related to it out of [community profile] aceattorney. If someone wants to make a community just for kink meme discussion here on DW, that's fine and even welcome; I'll even link to it on the community profile.

But what I want to emphasize here is that this is a community for the fandom at large. Yes, the kink meme is part of the fandom, and we acknowledge that, but there is much, much more to the fandom than this. We want to encourage discussion, speculation, and talk about the canon.


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