Title: Eight Days
Summary: It was never cold in the Los Angeles that existed in his memory.
Word Count: 2606
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, angst, vague AJ spoilers
Pairing: Edgeworth/Phoenix, Edgeworth/Iris

Eight Days
Last post, I promise! >___<

Ok, so here's the deal

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A spokesman for the Capcom unity blog said Capcom has no plans to bring the PW vs Pl crossover to the states. This supposedly had to do with phoenix wright games not selling too well here. Please show your support for the game and reply to his blog!

ETA: It looks like you might need to register on the site in order to respond to the blog q___q

From what we know, it's Phoenix and Maya (and Pearl?) teaming up with Prof. Layton & Luke in the plot of Princess Tutu. Looks like that's what the "Witch Trial" hints were all about!

More concept art in the kotaku article linked above!

And here is the official game website:
A hint of things to come...?

In addition to the 10th anniversary page (with a hilarious image of Kristoph, I will note), there's a rather mysterious image, with the caption "???x???", showing what appears to be someone's desk with a book displaying the scales of justice on the cover front and center.

This could potentially be anything (who expected their "big announcement" awhile back to be a Takarazuka show, for instance?), especially since GK2 was only announced a short time ago... but I'm holding out hope for another Apollo game.
Gyakuten Kenji 2 at Tokyo Game Show! No release date yet, but hey. I'm cautiously looking forward to it.

What would you like to see in the game? What would you like less of?

Personally, I hope the game mechanics (i.e. endless investigation tiems interspersed with non-challenging logic puzzles) won't simply be carried over but either revised or exchanged... although the chances of that happening are slim, hah.
After the last Awkward Zombie comic, I thought I'd share. There aren't too many Ace Attorney based ones (most of the jokes revolve around various OTHER Nintendo games and WoW) but the ones that are there are pretty funny.

Overruled pt 1
Overruled pt 2
Back on LJ there's been a massive project to create an original EBA level for the climactic scene of [livejournal.com profile] pyrasaur's opus, To Each A Tempo, which, for those who missed it, an Elite Beat Agents/Phoenix Wright crossover.

I present the following video of a play-through of said level as decisive evidence of the awesome of both fic and fan level.

Original announcement post at gyakuten_saiban if you wanna join the party over there.
Hi! I'm Jen, and I'll be adminning this place. I'd like to keep it a pretty open community, where we can all discuss the games we love so much. In that spirit, I'll be updating the community rules shortly, but here they are for open discussion:

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3.) RP advertisements are also okay, whether they be panfandom or single fandom - but please don't spam the community with them. Also, all RP ads with images should go under a cut.

4.) Be courteous. :)

5.) Have fun!

Also, on another note: I am looking for a co-admin. Please feel free to message me or comment here if you're interested.

Thanks, guys!

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But what I want to emphasize here is that this is a community for the fandom at large. Yes, the kink meme is part of the fandom, and we acknowledge that, but there is much, much more to the fandom than this. We want to encourage discussion, speculation, and talk about the canon.
whoo, Ace Attorney community on Dreamwidth! \o/

I suppose everybody and their dog has already seen & played this, but I just discovered it. So for people who are equally slow, I thought I'd link the

Japanese Gyakuten Kenji flash demo, the forthcoming investigator game starring my beloved ~*~ Miles Edgeworth ~*~ (<3!)

Thankfully, there's an English translation for the non-Japanese speakers.

Enjoy -- and feel free to share your impressions in the comments! <3

[ -> i.e. warning: there may be spoilers in the comments!]