Ace Attorney Various
1 each of Clay Terran, Ema Skye, Jinxie Tenma, Kay Faraday, Apollo Justice
2 each of Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth
3 each of Athena Cykes, Dahlia Hawthorne
5 Pearl Fey
10 Phoenix Wright
18 Trucy Wright
72 Iris Fey
44 Group (Pearl, Trucy, Iris, Phoenix, Maya, Dahlia, Apollo)
7 Plurk (Athena, Phoenix, Apollo, Trucy)

ICONS FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites
Alright, so we've got not just one, but two very big things on our hands!

Exhibit A: Ace Attorney 6 trailer released with English subs:

Exhibit B: We're finally getting an anime adaptation. Premieres April 2016!

Official Ace Attorney 6 site
Plot and gameplay overview including a new character, western localization confirmed

So where does that leave Dai Gyakuten Saiban, which has been out in Japan for two months now? A representative of Capcom France initially said there were no plans to localize it in the west, but has now taken that statement back and said there's no plans for now.
Press Start is an annual multimedia exchange for all video and computer games ranging from visual novels to your big PC and console titles, open to fic, art and vids! All kinds of fanworks are accepted, so long as they relate to a video game in some form.

So far, we have sixteen (16!!) Ace Attorney characters nominated and we're still accepting character nominations.  If you're interested, check us out!

Link: DW Community
AO3 community

Nominations: 20 June - 1 July
Tagset Cleanup: 1 July - 3 July
Signups: 4 - 18 July
Assignments go out: About 20 July
No Penalty Default: 1 September
Posting deadline: 11 September
Story reveal: 18 September
Author reveal: 25 September
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Ace Attorney
1 Athena Cykes
2 Franziska von Karma, Mia Fey
13 Maya Fey
47 Pearl Fey
24 Trucy Wright
7 Group
Dangan Ronpa / Super Dangan Ronpa 2 / Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode

96 Ace Attorney icons @ [community profile] livebites
Ace Attorney
1 each of Alita Tiala, Bobby Fullbright, Godot, Judge, Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill
2 each of Athena Cykes, Apollo Justice
3 each of Mia Fey, Pearl Fey
4 each of Ema Skye, Franziska von Karma, Dick Gumshoe
8 Maya Fey
14 Trucy Wright
17 Miles Edgeworth
36 Phoenix Wright
10 Group (Trucy, Phoenix, Miles, Klavier, Pearl, Apollo)
3 Plurk (Ema, Franziska, Maya)

FOUND HERE with some dangan ronpa icons (spoilers in those) @ [community profile] livebites
Ace Attorney
1 each of Cammy Meele, Jinxie Tenma, the Judge, Kristoph Gavin, Robin Newman, Vera Misham
2 each of Aura Blackquill, Dick Gumshoe
3 each of Dahlia Hawthorne, Hugh O'Connor, Iris Fey, Juniper Woods
4 each of Ema Skye, Godot, Larry Butz
7 Athena Cykes
8 each of Franziska von Karma, Klavier Gavin
10 Simon Blackquill
11 Mia Fey
19 Maya Fey
20 Pearl Fey
21 Miles Edgeworth
32 Apollo Justice
50 Phoenix Wright
65 Trucy Wright
54 Group (Trucy, Phoenix, Apollo, Athena, Pearl, Iris, Simon, Ema, Klavier, Juniper, Gumshoe, Kay, Edgeworth, Larry, Robin, Hugh, Godot, Franziska)
16 Plurk (Trucy, Pearl, Klavier, Maya, Phoenix, Apollo)

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Welcome to [community profile] aceattorneybigbang/[ profile] aceattorneybigbang 2015!

Dates: Sign ups for writers open from now until March 31. Fics due Aug 1-Sept 20 2015.

Information for writers: We're for new fics and continuing fics alike. Just write 10,000 words or more. Visual novels, conversion of RP logs, and probably whatever else you can think of also welcome.

Information for artists, fanmixers and other visual creators: Your challenge is to create a work to stand alongside one of the fics. Sign ups run from now throughout summer 2015. Matching is from May 1 onwards.

Information for betas and cheerleaders: We couldn't do it without your help! Sign ups continue throughout the whole Big Bang. Join the challenge!

Schedule - Questions & Information - About Big Bang cheerleaders - Sign Ups
Ace Attorney
1 each of Dick Gumshoe, Juniper Woods, Kristoph Gavin
2 each of Mia Fey, Simon Blackquill
3 Jinxie Tenma
4 Kay Faraday
5 Franziska von Karma
6 Klavier Gavin
7 each of Athena Cykes, Pearl Fey
8 Ema Skye
16 Miles Edgeworth
18 Apollo Justice
25 Maya Fey
41 Phoenix Wright
70 Trucy Wright
35 Group (Ema, Trucy, Phoenix Apollo, Maya, Kay, Pearl, Edgeworth, Athena)
15 Plurk (Miles, Ema, Trucy, Phoenix, Maya, Apollo)

FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites
Ace Attorney
1 each of Dahlia Hawthorne, Ema Skye, Juniper Woods, Kay Faraday, Lamiroir, Mia Fey
2 each of Dick Gumshoe, Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill
3 Godot
7 Franziska von Karma
8 each of Athena Cykes, Maya Fey, Pearl Fey
9 Miles Edgeworth
14 Klavier Gavin
28 Phoenix Wright
35 Apollo Justice
94 Trucy Wright
83 Group (Pearl, Trucy, Apollo, Klavier, Simon, Athena, Maya, Hugh, Robin, Phoenix, Zak, Wocky, Alita, Luke, Miles)
11 Plurk (Ema, Franziska, Godot, Apollo, Klavier, Phoenix, Trucy)

FOUND HERE with some dangan ronpa icons (w/ some spoilers) @ [community profile] livebites
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Ace Attorney series
36 Ema Skye
95 Franziska von Karma
35 Lana Skye
24 Pearl Fey

Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2

190 sprite icons @ [community profile] livebites
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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
1 Aura
58 Athena Cykes
10 Miles Edgeworth
19 Hugh O'Conner
1 Jinxie Tenma
5 Judge
21 Juniper Woods
31 Apollo Justice
6 Klavier Gavin
3 Pearl Fey
27 Phoenix Wright
10 Robin Newman
4 Simon Blackquill
2 Trucy Wright
10 Group
Dangan Ronpa

SPOILERS FOR (DANGAN RONPA &) DUAL DESTINIES, 400+ ICONS @ [community profile] livebites
Ace Attorney (Various)
1 each of Godot, Gumshoe, Iris Fey, Simon Blackquill
2 each of Athena Cykes, Dahlia Hawthorne
3 each of Ema Skye, Franziska von Karma
4 Phoenix Wright
7 Miles Edgeworth
8 Maya Fey
12 Trucy Wright
49 Pearl Fey
9 Group
9 Plurk (Maya, Pearl, Trucy)
Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2

DANGAN RONPA SPOILERS IN ICONS FOUND HERE @ [community profile] livebites
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
71 Miles Edgeworth
54 Maya Fey
25 Mia Fey
54 Phoenix Wright

203 ace attorney icons! @ [community profile] livebites
Ace Attorney
1 each of Cammy Meele, Ema Skye, Franziska Von Karma, Simon Blackwell
2 each of Apollo Jusice, Klavier Gavin, Pearl Fey
4 Phoenix Wright
6 Maya Fey
8 Athena Cykes
20 Trucy Wright
25 Juniper Woods
10 Group
2 Plurk (Athena, Juniper)

DANGAN RONPA SPOILERS IN ICONS FOUND HERE (no real AA spoilers in the AA icons) @ [community profile] livebites
I lied but home issues say I have a good excuse. Sorry. :(

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Confirmed for October 24th! Dual Destinies will be downloadable only, at $29.99 in the U.S. and €24.99 in Europe.
Christan Svensson (Capcom's VP of strategic planning and business development) made a post on the Capcom-Unity forums about it.

Text for the link-phobic:

"I'll be a little more clear.

The costs of localization are higher than the forecasted return. And no, it wouldn't sell more than Okamiden (which has already sold more than the first Investigations).

Could this content show up on some other platform somewhere down the line? Possibly, but there's nothing on that front for me to talk about. I realize there are fans who would like to have this and I'll be sure to explore ways that could happen viably in the future with our strategy and R&D teams but no promises."
Hey, Ace Attorney fans! I see my fanfic To Each A Tempo has already been mentioned in this com, so I thought I'd inform you folks about its update.

Originally completed in April 2008, To Each A Tempo is an epic-length crossover casefic where Phoenix Wright defends an Elite Beat Agent from a murder charge. That project helped my writing in ways I couldn't have imagined. So now that my original fantasy novel is available to the public, I went ahead and cleaned Tempo up! The full story has been edited for style, clarity and formatting. Here's to you, fandom.

You can find Tempo version 2.0 (along with my other AA fanfic) on Archive Of Our Own and It's also going up onto my Dreamwidth fanfic tag in batches. The first version of Tempo remains on my Dreamwidth and on Insanejournal, in case you want to see the original version, its context and its spinoff fics.

(I've mentioned this in other coms. Sorry if I'm spamming anyone.)